The Reports Wand product publishes Oracle E-Business Suite data directly into the familiar Excel environment. We have created a number of out of the box example reports to fast track the deployment of Reports Wand. However each customer will have their own unique and important reporting requirements which cannot simply be met with out-of-the-box reports. Reports Wand provides:

  • An Excel front end to your reporting needs where you can define your report layouts, formatting, links to other charts and formulas etc.
  • The ability to refresh these reports at the click of a button ensuring that all your custom Excel formatting and links are maintained.
  • A tool set that allows you to create your report definitions based on your own developed SQL statements, provide parameters, list of values and control data security.
  • A custom Excel function which can execute SQL that you have developed and returns a value into an Excel cell. Double clicking the cell allows drilldown to the detail.
  • A set of example report definitions.

With Reports Wand you simply need to do the following:

  1. Develop the SQL for your particular reporting requirements.
  2. Follow the process to capture this definition on your Oracle system.
  3. Assign the report to the applicable users.