The Reports Distribution Manager allows you to replicate and distribute copies of a GL Wand report in batches. The process will open the GL Wand report, update the values, and take a snapshot of the report. If you prefer to send reports with live GL Wand formulas you can use the Excel – Drillable output format.

Optionally you can also email and print the report.

For example, you might have a standard Cost Centre report that you wish to replicate for a range of Cost Centres. With Reports Distribution Manager, you can configure a report set definition, and then execute that definition. The production of the reports will be automated for you.

The first step in the process is to create a source GL Wand report. You can use one that already exists. Ensure that you link the parameters that you want to change (Cost Centres in the above example) in the source report to the Get Balance formulas.

The next step is to create an RDM template.