The application is launched from inside the Oracle E-Business Suite. There is no installation required on the client PC. Log on to the Excel4apps Wands as follows:

  1. In a browser connect to your normal Oracle E-Business Suite URL.
  2. Enter your Oracle user name and password.
  3. From the list of responsibilities select the "Excel4apps Wands" item. Please note this is the default responsibility name but it may have been customized in your installation. Please check with your system administrator.
  4. The Excel4apps Wands home page should open and the application should attempt to launch in a popup window.
  5. If prompted, choose to always allow popups for this site.

  6. If the page does not load automatically, click the "Launch Excel4apps Wands" link.

  7. The application will start loading.

  8. If you see a security warning accept it and continue.

  9. If Excel is not running, the application will attempt to start it automatically. If you see a prompt to launch Excel then start Excel manually.

  10. The Excel4apps ribbon toolbar should appear inside Excel.

  11. You will be prompted to select the responsibilities that you wish to work with. See Responsibility Selection for more details.


You cannot launch the Excel4apps Wands while Excel is in the Protected View state. First acknowledge the warning that Excel is presenting and then launch the Excel4apps Wands.