Budget Wand allows Excel to be used as the front end to the Oracle General Ledger Budgeting functionality.

Budget models are Excel workbooks that typically contain a mixture of Actual and Budgets values, formulae and formatting as well as cells for entering new budget values. Actual and Budget values are reported using GL Wand's Get Balance functions and entry cells are linked by the Load Budget function. Budget Wand, together with Excel, enables flexible user defined layouts containing any combination of Actual, Budget, Periods and Ledgers as required. Budget collection templates are built around the Load Budget Function, which allows one to link budget entry cells to a particular budget and account. Once values have been entered they can be submitted for Validation and Upload.

 Two options are available for uploading budgets. The first option, Budget Amount, allows users to replace any existing budget amount with the specified input value in the Load Budget function. The second option, Budget Journals, allows users to incrementally increase or decrease their existing budget amounts in Oracle. For more information regarding these options please see the Load Budget section.